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Crooked Lake a Problem or Not?

Pick your poison on boat launch at Crooked Lake!

It seems there is not a real good option at Crooked Lake in Polk county for launching your boat. You basically have two options the public ramp at Little Crooked Lake or Bob's Landing on the main lake a pay ramp. The Little Crooked Lake ramp is not a bad ramp but typical Florida ramp with not a lot of shore parking for tournaments. However, all that can be overlooked the real problem comes after you blast off. Tournaments not always but normally blast off in Little Crooked Lake only to slow down suddenly to go through a small, unmarked cut. The cut through to the main lake is shallow full of stumps and debris. There is even a fence in the water there that could be an issue for anglers new to the lake. Anglers have done many things to try to mark the narrow trail and some will say it is no issue for them as always. However, other anglers hate taking their rig through this cut. It is typical for an angler or two to miss the cut and get stuck in the summertime when water levels are at their lowest. After navigating the cut the rest of the lake is easy to navigate. The second option is a lot better if you are worried about navigating the cut. It though comes with its own aggravations for one even less shore parking like we stated above that is typical and not a huge issue and can be overlooked. At this ramp you are already in the main lake, so this is one plus. The fee is like the ramp really steep at $10 per boat launch. The real issue is when you come back in from fishing and anglers are yelled at for power loading their boats. Even though all boats are made to power load nowadays you will be dealing with the owner when you do so here. Which option do you prefer and why? What should the county do to render this if they would or could?

Which ramp do you prefer?

  • 0%Little Crooked Lake public boat ramp.

  • 0%Bob's Landing.

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Love Crooked lake but hate Bob's landing wish they would clear the cut through at little Crooked lake. Come on



What does everyone think?

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